Migration to Jekyll

I have used wordpress.com for blogging and hosting. After a few month of using it, I decided to migrate my personal blog to Jekyll and host it using Github pages. There are several reasons behind that:

  • Wordpress page takes a while to load.
  • Wordpress.com is charged.
  • Writing Markdown is essentially easier for me, as a programmer.
  • There are more restrictions on Wordpress than on Jekyll, or, it takes more effort to work around Wordpress than with Jekyll.

As a programmer, these reasons were sufficient for such a decision. I picked the popular theme hyde as my basic theme, and customized the style a little bit.

And here it is!

Android Debugging Utilities

Here are some useful tips when working with Android, based on Android Debugging Bridge:

Add adb.exe to Path on Windows

  • Edit environment Variables Path
  • Add PATH/TO/ANDROID/SDK/platform-tools to the list of Path

View IP address of the Android device

adb.exe shell ifconfig wlan0

View debugging messages (Unity made)

adb.exe logcat -s Unity ActivityManager PackageManager dalvikvm DEBUG

Copy Android local files to PC

adb.exe pull /sdcard/PATH/TO/FILE .

Copy multiple Android local files to PC (Linux)

for file in `adb shell ls /mnt/sdcard/PATH/ | grep $1`
    echo $file
    file=`echo -e $file | tr -d "\r"`;
    adb pull /mnt/sdcard/$file $2/$file;
    # Remove it
    adb shell rm /mnt/sdcard/$file

Thanks for reading.